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Boutique Coffee Roaster

The Establishment West End offers 4 coffee blends to suit a range of palates and we aim to deliver you the perfect cup of coffee everytime.


The Establishment Coffee Company is a local boutique roaster situated in Brisbane, Qld. The team has over 50 years of coffee knowledge and you will find them carefully roasting their beans to create coffee blends and a taste like nowhere else. Our beans are globally sourced and hand picked from Ethopia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and India. Stop in to The Establishment West End to find your perfect coffee blend. 

"the best crema ever"

"boutique coffee is an artfrom & a privellege"

"hand picked beans"


the upshot 
Pick me up and put me out there.
Individually sourced, our
batch-roasted beans ensure the
blend is the ultimate coffee
experience. The chemistry in the 
upshot creates a thicker crema, 
a full-bodied, smooth sweet blend,
with caramel undertones and a
nutty cedar aftertaste.
upshot creates a thicker crema,
a full-bodied, smooth sweet blend,
with caramel undertones and a 
nutty cedar aftertaste.

the hookup
More of a slap in the face than
a gentle wake up, the hookup is 
an intense flavour burst derived
from an exotic blend of dark
batch roasted beans. An 
unexpected romance, the bean
combination is as delightful as it
is intense, give it a go, you'll be
glad we got them together.

the done deal 
Let's sign it while we're walking.
Individually sourced, our batch 
roasted beans ensure each blend 
is the ultimate coffee experience. 
The chemistry in the done deal
creates robust crema, a rich
mouthful, with chocolate and shiraz
undertones, and satisfying juniper
berry and oak end notes. Deeply
oasted, the done deals is the coffee
you signed up for.
the flirt
(swiss water decaffeinated)
Our swiss water decaf is refined
using no chemicals, just pure
mountain water, so you can flirt with
the taste of establishment beans, 
without the commitment of the
ultimat caffeine rush.
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